Miss Erica (thimbles) wrote in vintagequill,
Miss Erica

Sunday Morning Coffee

Title: Sunday Morning Coffee
Rating: G
Length: 149 Words
Fandom: Original
Genre: Non-Fiction Narrative
Summary: My thoughts while walking to the nearby coffee shop one Sunday morning back in October.

I love the time of day when the world is new. When I can walk down the street and see naught but birds. The trees had been subtly kissed by the first rays of autumn; their flowers laid scattered and trampled on the ground. Their leaves made the hollow sound of a wooden rattle as they were ruffled by the breeze. Ahead of me the street was bathed in the soft pinks and yellows of a new day, a day full of promises and possibilities. The occasional car drove hurriedly by, already late for their first commitment of the day. Their disruption shook the air only briefly; the world was not yet content to give its gentle song over to the bustle of daily life. The week was coming to a close, before the hustle of the day began I had my thoughts and reflections to keep me company.
Tags: genre: narrative, genre: non-fiction, » original work
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